library01.jpgThe Library of the Central Bank of Islamic Republic of Iran is an especial library which concurrent with the establishment of the Central Bank of Iran in the year 1339 (1960) began it's activities. This Library was set up to fulfill the information needs as well as to facilitate the economic research and studies of the managers, experts and the researchers of the Central Bank of Iran. Now this library comprising of 4 sections; the Acquisition, Cataloguing, Information and the Public Affairs sections is functioning under the supervision of Economic Deputy of the Bank. Use of the library with due observance of the regulations is permitted for all the public, however documents are only loaned to the members.
The following groups are admitted as members of the library.

  • The working as well as the retired employees of the Central Bank (Bank markazi) and the affiliated organizations.
  • The personnel of the educational and research sections of the Banks as well as the economical and financial organizations.
  • University professors and post graduate students of MA and over of the universities and higher education institutes of Iran.

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