Anti Money Laundering Department

Main Duties of AML Dept. of the Central Bank of I.R. of Iran
  1. Carrying out inspections to ensure banks, credit institutions, etc. observe anti-money laundering rules and regulations and take necessary actions with regard to the suspicious cases.
  2. Evaluating the observance of anti-money laundering rules and regulations by foreign branches and subsidiaries in Iran.
  3. Advising the banks, credit institutions, etc. of the particulars of the persons subject to the ML black list.
  4. Preparing AML rules and directives and designing executive methods for inspection in line with AML regulations and updating them.
  5. Cooperating with the Secretary of the AML High Council in respect to amending or executing regulations.
  6. Analyzing the legal aspects of regulations and the possibility of localizing them in cooperation with Legal Survey Department.
  7. Raising public awareness with respect to financial crimes in banks, credit institutions, etc.
  8. Providing feedback to the inquiries of competent authorities.
  9. Updating the AML section of the CBI website.
  10. Exchanging related experiences with international organizations and entities in accordance with the regulations, benefiting from international experiences, active participation in international domains and explaining the AML measures taken by the I.R. of Iran
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