2,000 Rials Banknote


1- Intaglio print

Portrait of Imam Khomeini on the front side with intaglio print.


2- Watermark

The watermark is the portrait of Imam Khomeini in the paper and is visible from both sides.  It is the same as the portrait as used on the previous banknotes.


3- Windowed security thread

Security thread of polyester with the microprint of the name of Bank Markazi Jomhouri Islami Iran in Farsi script.  Under UV light this thread is seen in green, blue and red colors.


4- Intaglio sign for blind

On the front side on the lower-left there are two intaglio dots for the visually handicapped.


5- Offset see through register

On the front side on the lower-left there is a "see through image" of the denomination (i.e. 2000) which is completed when held against a light.


6- Intaglio latent image

Latent image of 2000 is imbedded in the dark floral design on the front side left of the portrait of Imam Khomeini.  It can be seen when held horizontally under a light source.


7- Microprint

The microprint of the name of Bank Markazi Jomhouri Islami Iran in Farsi script can be seen in the two purple rectangles on either side on the front upper side.


8- Serial number under UV light

The serial number is in red color located on the lower right and upper left on the front side of the banknote.  It will fluoresce golden color under UV light.


9- Intaglio print

View of the Holy Kaaba Building in Mecca on the back side with intaglio print.


10- Invisible fibers

Invisible fibers are imbedded in the paper that will fluoresce green, blue, red, and yellow under UV light.


11- Invisible fluorescent ink

Invisible fluorescent ink is used on the front and back side of the banknote that will fluoresce light green under UV light.

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